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Forwarding ­ calls when all phones are offline | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #9331

This article shows users how to forward calls to another number or user when all phones in the user extension are offline.

When phones are offline, incoming calls to the affected extension are forwarded to another user extension or external landline number.

This feature can be enabled on all operational call handling rules:

  • Work Hours
  • After Hours
  • Custom Answering Rules

NOTE: Once service is restored, incoming calls will automatically resume ringing to the original user’s phone.


Unless the following requirements are met, error messages will appear when you attempt to enable call forwarding:

  • Call forwarding to Desktop & Mobile Apps (for admins) or My Desktop & Mobile Apps (for users) should be disabled or turned off. To learn more, visit Forwarding Calls to the AT&T Office@Hand App.
  • Error message: “Please note that due to some technical particularities of the system Call Forward for unreachable phone will be turned OFF when Desktop &
    Mobile Apps is set to active in the Forwarding Numbers list.”
  • A user/extension should have at least one desk phone or a DigitalLine assigned to them.
  • Error message: “Call Forward for unreachable phone can be enabled if you have call forwarding to desktop phone.”
  • A user should NOT have a PSTN or landline destination in Call forwarding.
  • Error message: “Please note that due to some technical particularities of the system Call Forward for unreachable phone will be turned OFF when PSTN number is set to Active in Forwarding Numbers list.”


  • If a user has multiple desk phones and DigitalLines, they must be unreachable to trigger this feature.
  • If an extension forwards calls to other user phones, this feature can be triggered only when all the forwarding endpoints are unreachable.
  • If a user or extension has call forwarding to any landline number, this feature will not be used.
  • If enabled, this feature will be automatically disabled if you enable the forwarding to Desktop & Mobile Apps (for admins), My Desktop & Mobile apps (for users) or you enable call forwarding to an external landline number.

NOTE: Forwarding calls when your phones are online is only available for AT&T Office@Hand Premium and Ultimate plan users. Contact AT&T Office@Hand Support to enable this feature.

Enabling call forwarding for unreachable phones

  1. Sign in to your AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Follow the navigation path depending on your access profile:
    • Admins:
    • On the Quick Access page in the Admin portal, navigate to Users > Manage Users.
    • Select the extension to configure.
    • Click Call Forwarding and Voicemail.
    • Users: Navigate to Settings > Call Forwarding and Voicemail.
  3. On the Work Hours tab, go to Missed Calls section then click the drop down menu.
  4. Select where you want the call redirected to:
    • Send to voicemail – You can select your preferred voicemail box.
    • Play message and disconnect – The call is disconnected after playing the message.
    • Forward extension – Forwards the calls to another user in your AT&T Office@Hand account.
    • Forward to external number – Forwards the calls to the number you enter in the Phone Number field.
  5. Click Save.

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