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Basic Troubleshooting Tips – Phones | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #4365

Basic troubleshooting tips for your phones

IP Phones work via Internet connection. If you have issues connecting to the Internet with all other devices in your network, you will also have the same problem with your phones. There are many other factors that affect the connectivity of your IP Phone to your AT&T Office@Hand service.

  1. Check the RingCentral Service Status to make sure that you are not affected by any outages before troubleshooting your IPPhone.
  2. Ensure that all RingCentral Unified Communication endpoints are configured properly. Check the Office@Hand: Network Requirements and Recommendations for information on network requirements and recommendations.
  3. Check the phone’s power and physical connection.
No display or lights Plug the power adapter (if being used) to a different outlet.
Phone uses Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Move the cable to a different jack.
Other devices have power and the phone has no power when connected to a power outlet. Replace the phone.
Other devices have no power. Check for an electrical problem.
Check for possible problem with PoE from the switch or from the router
Note: You may need to use a Max PoE router if several POE devices are connected to the router. This router is capable of delivering 15.4 watts per device (maximum power) on all ports.

     4. Check the Internet connection. Make sure all devices are connected to the internet. If none of your devices can connect to the internet, contact your ISP.

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