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AT&T Office@Hand Telecommunication Relay Service Calling 711 Overview
Article #59998

This article provides an overview of the Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS), how it works, and the TeleType devices that are compatible with the service for hearing-impaired users.

TRS allows a person with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive long and long-distance telephone calls. It is available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S territories.

With TSR, hearing or speech impaired users can dial 711 to reach a Communications Assistant (CA) who then will relay the call to the intended party.

Note: There are no additional charges for TRS calls.

Compatible TeleType devices

Hearing-impaired users can use software or hardware TeleType (TTY) devices to dial 711. Most analog TTY physical devices are compatible with AT&T Office@Hand when using an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA).

  • UltraTec Uniphone-1440 with Poly Obi
  • Access a phone ipTTY

  • Hearing-impaired user dials 711 using either TTY device and provides the CA with the desired number and message.
  • CA makes a traditional outbound call to the number provided and relays the message
  • Called party listens/speaks with the CA
  • CA relays the message from the called party via TTY to the hearing-impaired user
  • Hearing-impaired user reads response and replies as needed until the call ends

Available services

Below the services are available in TSR:

  • Text-to-Voice – user utilizes TTY device to call and communicate with CA
  • Voice Carry Over – user speaks directly to desired caller and receives responses from CA via TTY
  • Speech-to-Speech Relay Service – speech disabled user talks to specialized CA who relays as needed; no TTY device needed
  • Shared Non-English Language Relay Services – voice-based relay (e.g., Spanish-to-Spanish)
  • Captioned Telephone Service – live transcription; user utilizes a special text screen phone (CTS device) to read captions as caller speaks

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