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AT&T Office@Hand Phone Recommended Headsets
Article #42239

This article also provides the headset models that are recommended by AT&T Office@Hand to use for integration with the Plantronics Hub and AT&T Office@Hand Phone.

The AT&T Office@Hand phone for Windows and Mac allows headset support which can be enabled on the AT&T Office@Hand phone.

Plantronics headset

Plantronics headsets are compatible with the AT&T Office@Hand phone for Windows and Mac using the Plantronics Hub. Plantronics Hub should be installed to continue using the call control functionality i.e.
using hardware keys on their headset. For more information, go to Plantronics Hub for Windows and Mac System Requirements. On the AT&T Office@Hand phone, go to Settings > Sound and enable Plantronics Headset.

Recommended headset models

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