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AT&T Office@Hand Location Based Taxes
Article #42252

This article describes the AT&T Office@Hand’s Location-based taxes with Cost Center Management.

What is Location-based taxes?

The AT&T Office@Hand’s Location-based taxes allow enterprises to add multiple addresses for tax compliance. To enable this feature, the Account Administrator must contact their Account Manager.


  • Cost Center Management enabled on the account
  • The account migrated to the new billing system (NGBS)

Types of addresses allowed

  • Billing Address – Used as the default address if there is no other location.
  • Site Address – If the account has the Multi-Sites feature enabled, IT admins can add these addresses to assign users to specific sites.
  • Tax Location Address – Added by the Super Admin or Billing Admin solely used for Location-based taxes.

How to add a tax-based location

  1. Sign into the AT&T Office@Hand Online Account.
  2. On the Admin Portal, go to Billing > Cost Center Management > Tax Locations.
  3. Click Add Location.
  4. Enter the location name and the address where the products/services are used.
  5. Click Save.

Note: It is possible to use a site as a tax location, but it will impact the billing if the IT admin changes the address. You can convert a site to a tax location, so it can be separated from being used as a site. Converting a Site address into a Tax location address will create a copy of it and inherit all associations with the Cost Center(s) but will no longer be affected by the Site Address updates.

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