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AT&T Office@Hand Cloud Recording Overview
Article #42238

This article provides information on the Cloud Recording feature for AT&T Office@Hand meetings.

The Cloud Recordings feature of AT&T Office@Hand Meetings empowers users to save their video meeting recordings to the AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Cloud. Recordings will be available through their online accounts. Video, audio, and chat text will also be recorded and saved in the AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Cloud.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Save meetings recordings directly to the AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Cloud, making them easily accessible from any internet connected device.
  • Share recordings via a link and playback the recording files on web browsers. You no longer need to manually upload the recordings to your own cloud to share it with others.
  • Manage your Cloud Recordings on your accounts. You can replay, share, download and delete existing recordings.
  • Purchase recordings storage bundles via your AT&T Office@Hand online account or by contacting support to purchase.
  • Manage billing for overage usage (after Bundle Purchase) on your AT&T Office@Hand online accounts.
  • All Cloud Recordings are automatically deleted when the AT&T Office@Hand account is deleted.
  • Cloud Recordings can be archived as per company policies.


Cloud Recordings will be available for Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

How Cloud Recordings works

Once Cloud Recordings is enabled, “Record to the cloud” option will be available during a meeting.

  • In the meeting window, click the Record button, and then select Record to the cloud.
  • Click Stop recording to stop the recording.
  • The recording will be processed after the meeting has ended. You will receive an email notification that the recording is available for viewing.

    Once Cloud Recordings is enabled, “Record to the cloud” option will be available during a meeting.

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