AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to use your AT&T Business Messaging service. Receive tips on how to log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center website to build lists and send messages, or integrate with notification applications. Use our step by step walk-throughs to learn how to create, edit, import, and export both contacts and groups.

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Receiving Messages from Various Protocols with AT&T Business Messaging

Users can receive messages from all supported protocols on the platform, including:

  • SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol)
  • WCTP (Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol)
  • TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol)
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

The messages will be delivered to the application based on your user profile configuration. For example, if the profile is set to:

  • SMS: The user will receive a message through SMS channel to their native text client.
  • IP: The user will receive the message through IP to their IP Messaging client.

Receiving Messages via Email

If a message is received via email, the email address appears instead of the short code. Replies to two-way messages appear as part of the same conversation. Replies to one-way messages are not allowed.

Email users can attach up to three separate attachments in a message, but the size of each attachment cannot exceed 5 MB. Any replies can include only