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Analytics Portal – Create an Alert | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #29920

This article provides the steps to set up automated monitoring on devices and receive alerts when devices go offline.

How to create an Alert

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Analytics.
  3. Go to Alerts.
  4. Go to Alerts List then click Create New. For first time setup, click Create New in the middle.
  5. Configure the parameters of your Alert:

    General Information

    ALERT NAME – Label the Alert you want to create.
    ALERT SEVERITY – Alert severity is to describe the relative impact of an issue. Users will specify a severity level to each alert – Low, Medium or High.

    Alert Trigger and Condition


    Monitor call quality for:

    – Entire Company
    – Specific Locations as identified by Country, State, County, and IP address
    – Users identified by their extensions
    – ISPs
    – Device Status (Available for RingCentral Ultimate accounts only)

    TARGET VALUE – Drill down on available values depending on your Target. Example: Setting the target to Users will allow you to select all or specific users as your TARGET VALUE.


    Triggers could be:
    – Percent of Good Calls, Percent of Good Legs
    – Percent of Poor Legs
    – Percent of Poor and Moderate Legs
    – Number of Poor Legs
    – Number of Poor Calls
    – Number of Poor and Moderate Calls
    – Is offline

    QoS/call quality can be monitored for “targets” i.e. across your company, at specific locations, for specific users or for an ISP. Device Status trigger is for individual devices (can monitor up to 10).

    Device Status trigger is for individual devices (can monitor up to 10).

    CONDITION and THRESHOLD – Sets the allowable deviation from the trigger parameter before it sends an alert.

    Example: Once the trigger parameter deviates from the threshold value that the user has set or offline devices are detected, a detailed alert notification is sent via email or the AT&T Office@Hand app enabling users to quickly narrow down to the root causes and take proactive measures.

    MONITORING TIMEFRAME – Users can set up the frequency in which the system should monitor the set Target-Trigger condition for / possible issues. Options: Every 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 Hr, 2 Hrs

    ALERT FREQUENCY – Users have option to set up how often do they wish to receive an Alert notification if the problem persists from the time it was identified. Options: 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 Hr, 2Hrs, 4Hrs.

    Advanced Options

    Monitor specific endpoints, day of the week, time of the day or over a minimum call leg volume.

    Delivery Channel

    Users have a choice to receive their alert notifications via Email or AT&T Office@Hand App.

    Locked/Unlocked Alerts

    Alert owner can restrict level of access to an Alert to View only (locked Alert) or Edit (unlocked Alert). When locked down, Alerts are editable only by owners. In the event the owner of a locked Alerts is no longer part of the account, their Alerts status will be changed to unlocked.

  6. Click Create Alert.