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Adding Phone Numbers on your AT&T Office@Hand Account
Article #2574

This article discusses the steps on how Account Administrators can add phone numbers on the AT&T Office@Hand online account.

Adding phone numbers to your AT&T Office@Hand account can be done by an Account Administrator. These numbers can be assigned to your user’s extension or to the Auto-Receptionist.

How to Add Phone Numbers on your AT&T Office@Hand Account

  1. Log in to AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > All Numbers.
    Note: You can also click Numbers in Use to show only those numbers that are currently assigned to an extension or a device.
  3. Click Add Number.
  4. Select the type of number that needs to be added.
  5. Select the number/s that need to be added from the list, then click Add Numbers. Click Next.
  6. Assign the number to the Auto-Receptionist or a selected extension, then click Next.
  7. Review your transaction’s Charges, Adjustments, and Taxes, Charges, and Fees.
  8. Click the checkbox to acknowledge the information and click Next.
  9. Click Done to confirm your order.

Note: Vanity numbers can take time to activate. While waiting for the activation, they will appear on your Pending Numbers. To view them, go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity > Pending Vanity Numbers.

Number Type

  • Local (Domestic)
    Select the State/Province, then select the Area Code.
  • Toll-Free
    Select the preferred prefix number.
    Note: A one-time $30.00 setup fee will be applied.
  • Vanity
    A Vanity Number is a personalized phone number that also corresponds to a distinctive combination of letters on the telephone keypad, such as 1-888- MTRGAGE or 1-888-GARDENS, that is easy to remember.
    Use * (asterisk) as a wildcard when searching for available numbers. If you want to find a number that ends with ‘SALE’, enter ***-SALE.


When you choose Auto-Receptionist, the number that you will add will become an Additional Company Number, and the calls will be connected to your company’s Auto-Receptionist.


When you choose Extension, the number that you will add will become your User’s Direct Number, and the calls will follow that User’s Greeting, Screening, and Hold Music and Call Handling & Forwarding settings.

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