AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to use your AT&T Business Messaging service. Receive tips on how to log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center website to build lists and send messages, or integrate with notification applications. Use our step by step walk-throughs to learn how to create, edit, import, and export both contacts and groups.

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Add a new user in AT&T Business Notification Center – Admin Only – AT&T Business Messaging

  1. Access the AT&T Business Notification Center.
  2. Click Admin.

    Click Admin.

  3. Click New User.

    Click New User.

  4. Confirm that the radio button to the left of “Single” is selected.
    Note: “Number of Users” defaults to “Single”.
  5. Enter the necessary info into the applicable fields.
    Note: There are three required fields for Mobile Number, First Name, and Last Name.

    Steps 4-5 image

  6. Scroll down and check the checkbox to the left of “Activate Automatically” if you wish to activate the device automatically.
  7. Click Save Changes.

    Steps 6-7 image

  8. The new user is added and shows in the list of users.

    The new user is added and shows in the list of users.