Private: Associate PLEDGE

Associate PLEDGE from AT&T allows you to enforce mobile device usage policies and help protect your biggest assets, your employees. Learn how to eliminate driving incidents by eliminating the causes of distracted driving.

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View user violations by individual for Associate PLEDGE from AT&T

  1. Launch the Associate PLEDGE admin site. 
  2. Enter your User ID and Password, and then click Login.

  3. Under the “Individual” tab, enter the user’s phone number that you wish to view violations for.
    Note: In order to get results, enter the 11 digit wireless number including the 1 before the area code: example (12122221233).

  4. Now select the date range you wish to see the report for, and click Search.

  5. The violations for the selected user are now listed.
    Note: Violations load in order from most recent to oldest violations. You can click the map icon to the right to view the GPS coordinates of where the violation took place. The clock icon provides you the exact time the violation took place.