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Using the Softphone Fax Icon
Article #3800

Using the AT&T Office@Hand Softphone quick link icon for faxing is handy when you need to compose and send out a fax right away.

NOTE:  The images used in this article are from the latest Softphone version. To learn how to download the updated Softphone, click here.

Step 1:
Launch your Office@Hand Softphone.

Step 2:
On your Softphone, click the Fax icon.

Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

You will now see the AT&T Office@Hand Internet Fax service.

Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

Send – Once you have composed your Fax message, press this button to send the message.
Schedule – This will allow you to set a schedule to when the Fax message will be sent.
Edit – This will allow you to edit your Fax message before sending.
Attach – You can attach files on your Fax message. To learn the compatible file types for fax attachments, click here.
Scan – Instead of attaching a document, you can also scan a hard copy of a document to send via fax.
Options – This will allow you to personalize your cover page or the way your faxes are sent.

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