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User Details ­ Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
Article# 3785

The User Details section in your AT&T Office@Hand Online account allows you to modify your user information, password, voicemail greeting, user hours, time zone, regional format, and language settings.

User Details Overview

This article shows how the User Details screen looks like, and how the User Details can be modified by both Administrators and Users.

How to access the User Details section

Administrators may login to the AT&T Office@Hand online account, click on the Users tab, select the User on the list under Users With Extensions, then click on User Details.

Users may login to the AT&T Office@Hand online account, click on the Settings tab, then click on User Details.

User Details – Sections

The User Details section is divided into 2 tabs.

User Details
General Settings & Permissions


Contact Details

In this section, you may modify the contact details such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Mobile Phone

Job Title

The Job Title field is available to indicate a User’s position/designation in the organization.


The Department field is available to indicate which division a User belongs to.


Enter the email address where you want the User to receive their AT&T Office@Hand Security Notices. The User can also use this email address for logging in to AT&T Office@Hand services.


Click the Change Password button to update the Password, Pin or Security Question.

Record User Name

Use this option to ensure that the User’s name is pronounced correctly by the system operator. You can spell out the name the way it sounds to help the operator, or you can record the name in your own voice and use it for announcements instead.

Regional Settings

The Regional Settings section allows you to modify following:

Time Zone – Choose the correct timezone so you will not miss calls during your working hours.
Time Format – Select between a 12h format (example: 11:00 PM) or 24h format (example: 23:00).
Home Country Code – Select the country where you are located.

User Hours

This section is where you can set the “working hours”.


Administrators have the ability to configure what users can access and modify within the system without giving them full admin access. See User Roles and Permissions for more information.

User Groups

Administrators have the ability to assign a User to a group within the organization. See User Groups Overview for more information.


The Templates feature allows Administrators to implement a set of configuration to multiple users at once through the AT&T Office@Hand Online account, reducing repetitive actions by applying same settings to a group of users. See User Templates to learn more.

Schedule Meetings for Me

This option allows you to assign other Users to schedule a meeting on a User’s/your behalf. See Schedule Meetings for Me to learn how.

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