AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Learn how to use your Enhanced Push-to-Talk service to talk almost instantly to other subscribers walkie-talkie style using their supported regular devices and smartphones. Use our self-help resources to learn how to place and receive calls, manage contacts and groups, send and receive alerts, and understand notifications.

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Use the Corporate Hierarchy menu in the AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk Corporate Admin Tool (CAT)

Note: Corporate Hierarchy lets you view the subscribers grouped in Functional Account Numbers (FANs) and Billing Account Numbers (BANs).

  1. From the CAT home screen, click the Corporate Hierarchy icon heirarchy icon on the “Master-List Management” tab.

    step 1

  2. A list of FANs and External Contacts displays.
    Note: “External Contacts” are not grouped under FANs and always show independently in their own entry.
  3. Click the arrow next to an entry to view its BANs.
    Note: External Contacts do not have related BANs and clicking that arrow instead displays the subscribers.

    steps 2 & 3

  4. The BANs display.
  5. Click the arrow next to an entry to view its subscribers.

    steps 4 & 5

  6. The subscribers display.
  7. Click arrows again to collapse sections.

    steps 6 & 7

  8. To return to the standard view, click the List View icon list iconon the “Master-List Management” tab.

    step 8