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Updating to the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App from the Old Softphone
Article #8265

AT&T Office@Hand is phasing out the Legacy Softphone in favor of the new AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop App. The new app features Call Monitoring, Heads Up Display (HUD), enhanced security and a lot of other exciting features not found in the legacy softphone.

Customers who haven’t yet upgraded to the AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop App and are still using the old softphone will receive a notification to upgrade to the AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop App, when launching the old softphone. Clicking No on the prompt will close the softphone and will prevent the customer from using it.

Clicking Yes will immediately download the update.

After the AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop App has been installed, the old softphone will have to be uninstalled so that the new one will work properly.

Uninstalling the Softphone

Close the Application

Step 1:
Click Show hidden icons.

Step 2:
Right click the Softphone icon and then select Exit.

Step 3:
Click Yes to confirm.

Uninstall the Application

Step 1:
Click Start > Control Panel.

Step 2:
Click Uninstall Program under Programs.

Step 3:
Select AT&T Office@Hand Softphone and then click Uninstall.