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Troubleshooting partially received faxes
Article #5217

A partially received fax can occur when the fax transmission is interrupted prematurely. The major causes of partially received faxes include poor line quality or errors from the sending fax machine.

AT&T Office@Hand fax services saves and delivers all of the pages that were successful, and mark the fax as partially received. Typically, the sending machine will automatically retry to send the fax if it detects that the transmission was not successful.  Depending on the fax machine, this may take anywhere from one (1) to 10 minutes.


• If you do not receive any additional attempts after a partial fax is received, ask the sender to manually resend the fax.
• Check the type of modem you are using. Using higher quality modems should fix fax issues.
If this problem persists, Contact Support at 866-563-4703 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for advanced troubleshooting.