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Softphone and Office@Hand Desktop app for Windows and Mac
Article #7795

Office@Hand has launched the Office@Hand for Desktop App (Windows and Mac) to replace the Office@Hand Softphone. It is a comprehensive communications app that combines the functionality of a phone, fax, meetings and business sms in a fresh new interface, that’s both intuitive and easy to use.

Most of the Softphone’s features have been integrated into the Office@Hand for Desktop App. However, Office@Hand is still working towards integrating some of the other features of the Softphone into the Desktop App.

For this reason, upgrading to the Desktop App is optional at this time, and customers may still use the current SoftPhone. 

If you want to continue using Softphone, you may download the appropriate version on the links below:

MacSP 64bit MacSP 64bit
WinSP 64bit WinSP 64bit
WinSP 32bit WinSP 32bit

QUICK TIP:  For Windows PC users with MSOffice installed, you must identify its product version to integrate the Softphone. Open MSWord then click on File > Help to locate the product version.

The table below is a matrix of features that are available on the Softphone and Desktop App.

Forward or Save Faxes

Office@Hand for Desktop App (Windows and Mac): Office@Hand Softphone:


  AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop 

AT&T Office@Hand Legacy Softphone

Call Management    
Make and Receive Calls Y Y
Support HD Voice Y N
Support Secure Voice (TLS/STRP encryption)


(opt-in only)

Mute, Hold, Forward, and Recod an active call Y Y
Transfer a Call (with options of cold, warm, transfer, and to voicemail Y N
Park/Unpark a Call Y


(touch tone command only)

Call Flip Y N
Add up to 4 Callers in a call (merge calls) Y Y
Split Calls Y N
Pre-Call Control    
Send an Incoming Call to Voicemail Y Y
Reject/Ignore an Incoming Call Y Y
Reply with a Message to the Caller Y Y
Reply with a Custom Texto-to-Speech Message to the Caller Y N
Screen, Receive, and Listen to Voicemail Y Y
Save Voicemail locally Y Y
Forward voicemail N Y
Read voicemail transcription Y N
Block Caller ID for Outgoing Call N Y
Audio Announcements for Incoming Call N Y
Send, Receive, View, and Delete Faxes Y Y
Schedule to Send Faxes Y Y
Choose a Fax Cover Page Y Y
Add a Custom Fax Cover Page Y N
Print Driver to Send Fax (Windows) Y Y
Save Faxes locally Y Y
Forward Faxes N Y
Choose Different Header (Windows) N Y
Fax Editor: Insert Signature into Fax Document N Y
Scan to Fax N Y
Choose Resolution (Windows) N Y
Business SMS    
Send and Receive Text Messages Y N
Extension-to-Extension Group Texting Y N
Forward, Copy, Paste and Search Text from Threads Y N
Detect Phone Numbers and Meeting Invitations in Text Threads Y N
Host Conference Calls Y N
Send a Conference Invitation via an Email or a Text Message Y N
Support international Dial-in Numbers Y N
Join a conference without having the host Y N
Call Log    
Display Call Log Details, including Missed Calls Y Y
Refresh Call Log Automatically when there is a New or Missed Call N Y
Block Numbers from Inbound Calls Y N
Search within Call Logs Y N
Delete Call Logs


(delete all)


(delete selected ones)

Save Call Logs to Local Storage N Y
Display and Search for Personal and Company Contacts Y Y
Integrated with Company Directory, Reach Colleagues via Call or Test Messaging Y N
View real-time phone presence status from a Contact’s profile Y N
Save contacts to Local Storage N Y
Add Photos to Contacts Y N
Synchronize with Outlook Contacts N Y

Add/Edit Contacts to Favorites

View Real-time Phone Presence Status Across Devices Y N
Call, Send Test, and Fax from Favorites Y N

Microsoft Outlook Contacts – Make Calls, Send Faxes, Send Texts from within Outlook (Windows)

Microsoft Office – Send Faxes from Within MS Office Applications (Windows) N Y
Internet Explorer – Send Faxes from Internet Explorer (Windows) N Y
Mac Address Book – Send Faxes from Mac Address Book (Mac) Y Y
Do Not Disturb Y Y
RingOut Y Y
Launch an External App or a Website after Answering an Incoming Call Y Y
Select Inbound Caller ID (Call and Text) Y N
Add Custom Ringtones Y N
Click-to-call from apps or web that supports callto:, tell:, fax: protocols Y  
One-click to Access AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Y N
Change Own Presence Status Y N
Auto Suggestion List with Presence Support Y N
Access to Local Storage for Inbox Voicemail and Faxes N Y
Access to Local Storage for Sent, Saved, (draft) and Outbox Faxes N Y

NOTE: Office@Hand strongly suggests that Users upgrade to the latest version of the Office@Hand Desktop App to enjoy all the features that Office@Hand has to offer.