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Skype for Business Meetings app  
Article #9025

How do I initiate a meeting via Office@Hand for Skype for Business?

Office@Hand: Skype for Business app Overview allows you to make and receive Office@Hand calls, send and receive SMS texts, initiate Office@Hand online meetings and audio conferences. Follow the steps below to learn more about initiating a meeting on the Office@Hand for Skype for Business app.

Note:  You need to have the Office@Hand Meetings client to use this feature.

You may go directly to the Initiate Office@Hand Meetings option from the Skype for Business contact menu.

Skype business contact menu on app

You may configure the meeting with the following settings:

  • Topic of the meeting
  • Meeting Type: a screen share or video meeting
  • Meeting Options
  • Enable/disable a meeting password to join. Enter a password if enabled.
  • Enable/disable participants to join the meeting before the host.

    Skype settings screen for Office@Hand

Clicking Invite with Text and Start Meeting will send your selected contacts an invite and initiate the meeting.

screen shows invite

You may right-click on a Skype for Business contact and select Initiate Office@Hand Meetings, the contact’s name and phone numbers will be populated in the drop-down below the To field in the Office@Hand for Skype for Business app.

Skype business contact screen

Note: If you have no access to Office@Hand Meetings, the app will prompt you about not having access to this feature.

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