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Skype for Business app Overview
Article #9021

What is the Office@Hand app for Skype for Business?

Office@Hand for Skype for Business allows you to make and receive Office@Hand calls, send and receive SMS texts, initiate Office@Hand online meetings and audio conferences—all within Skype for Business.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Connect with anyone. Make and receive calls directly to any number or your contacts within Skype for Business
  • Intuitive interface lets you handle multiple calls with call controls to switch among calls.
  • Additional call control for quick call transfer, flip and recording.
  • View messages and exchange text messages with any number or contact with a full conversation view without leaving the Skype app.
  • Start an online meeting or conference call within the app. Send a text to anyone with your meeting invitation.
  • Your Presence reflects to your phone status. Your colleagues can view your availability within Skype for Business.  

Installing Office@Hand Skype for Business
Settings Panel
Auto Version Update


Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 32­bit & 64­bit
  • Windows 8 32­bit & 64­bit
  • Windows 10 32­bit & 64­bit
  • Surface Win10 64­bit

Skype for Business version:

  • Skype for Business 2015
  • Skype for Business 2016

Office@Hand for Skype for Business Installation

Note:  Skype for Business must be installed on your device to in order to install the Office@Hand app.

  1. Download and install Office@Hand app for Skype for Business. During installation, select whether to use the Office@Hand Meetings feature. if you choose no, RC Meetings option shall be hidden.
  2. Office@Hand app for Skype for Business shall be launched once installed successfully.
    • The Office@Hand app for Skype for Business will be docked on the Skype for Business window.
    • The Office@Hand app for Skype for Business will be displayed in start menu and system tray.
  3. You will be able to see the following options when right click on a Skype for Business contact even without logging in.  
    Note: If you click any of the options before logging in, the log in window will appear.

    Right clicking on the Skype for Business contact.

  • Call with Office@Hand: Inbound and Outbound Calling on the Skype for Business app
  • SMS with Office@Hand: Sending and Receiving Messages on the Skype for Business app
  • Conference with Office@Hand: How to start a Conference Call on the Skype for Business app
  • Initiate Office@Hand Meeting Office@Hand: Skype for Business Meetings app

Settings Panel

When the you right-click the Office@Hand icon from the system tray, the following options will appear:

Options appear when you right click Office@Hand icon in the system tray.

  • Log In- This is available if you have not logged in to their Office@Hand service.
    1. When you click Log In, the Office@Hand login page will display and allow you to log in.
    2. When you enter the correct credentials and log in to your Office@Hand service, the login page will be closed and the message You have logged in to Office@Hand service will display near the system tray.
    3. After login, you will see Log Out instead of the Log In option on the settings panel.
    4. If you click Log In before initiating and logging in to Skype for Business, the message Please log in to Skype for Business before you use this App will display near the system tray.
  • Log Out- When clicked, you will log out of the Office@Hand Service and the message “You have logged out Office@Hand Service” will display near the system tray.
  • Open- this is clickable only after you have logged into your Office@Hand Service. When Open successfully opens the app window, you can schedule a Office@Hand Meeting or Conference, or enter a phone number to initiate a call, or send an SMS.
  • About- when clicked, a popup window will show the app version info and a button that allows you to update the software.
  • Exit- When clicked, the app will close and the app icon will no longer display in the system tray.  If you log out or quit Skype for Business, you will be logged out Office@Hand Service automatically.

Auto Version Update

The Office@Hand for Skype for Business app shall prompt you to update when there’s new version. The prompt will read:

Message update of a new version appears when a new version is available.

You may either Continue or Cancel the update.

  1. If you click Continue, then Skype for Business and the Office@Hand Skype for Business app will close and the auto-update will proceed.
  2. If you click Cancel, the prompt will close and the update will not proceed. The next time you log in to the Office@Hand Skype for Business app, the update prompt will be displayed again.

You may also choose to Skip this update in the prompt box. If you check this, then the prompt will not be displayed until the next version of Office@Hand Skype for Business is available.

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