AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

Learn how to use the AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite portal. Send SMS and binary messages of limited size to and from your application via API gateway, email server or website. Our convenient resources will help you better understand your billing and other questions.

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Note: Only an authorized administrator should create a login to receive announcements from the Product Service Notification Center.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Product Name” dropdown and select “AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite”.
  3. Click Search.

  4. Under “Pages”, click AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite.

  5. Scroll down and click the green envelope next to the words “Sign up”.

  6. Click the dropdown, and then select “Global Smart Messaging Suite”.

  7. Type your first name.
  8. Type your last name
  9. Type your company’s name.

  10. Type the email you wish to use as your username.
  11. Type your desired password.
  12. Re-type your desired password to confirm.

  13. Type your mobile phone number.
  14. Type your billing account number that has the Global Smart Messaging Suite feature.
    Note: This can be found on your bill, or by calling Advanced Solutions Care at 866.563.4703.
  15. If desired, type the foundation account number for reference. (Optional)

  16. Click “Terms and Conditions” to launch them in a new window.
  17. After reading the terms, return and click the checkbox.
  18. Click “Privacy Policy” to launch it in a new window.
  19. After reading the policy, return and click the checkbox.
  20. Click the third checkbox to certify that you are an authorized administrator for the listed account, and then click Submit.

  21. Click to check the box, and then click Save Settings.