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Salesforce App ­ Set Up Softphone Layout | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #4007

In a Softphone layout you can control the call ­related fields that are displayed and the Salesforce objects that are searched for an incoming call. To design a custom Softphone layout, follow the steps below.

Set Up Softphone Layout

  1. Log in to your instance as a the System Administrator.
  2. Click your name, and select Setup.

    Click your name, and select Setup.

  3. Located on the left hand side, in the App Setup section, click Call Center, then click Softphone Layouts.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter RingCentral Softphone Layout in the Name field.
    Note: If you want this to be the default layout for all your users, you can select the Is Default Layout checkbox.
  6. Under Select Call Type, select Inbound.
  7. On the CTI 2.0 or Higher Settings section:
    • Click Edit on the Screen Pop Settings section and select New browser window or tab.
    • Click Edit on the No matching records section and select Pop to Visual force Page.
      Click the lookup button then select Visual force page you created.
    • Click Edit on the Single­-matching record section and select Pop detail page.
    • Click Edit on the Multiple-­matching records section and select Pop to search page.
  8. Click Save to retain changes.

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