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Salesforce App ­ Set Up CRM Call Center | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #4001

The Salesforce CRM integrates AT&T Office@Hand with to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Log in as an administrator and follow these steps to set up CRM Call Center.

Set Up Salesforce CRM Call Center

Note: You have to be a Salesforce System Administrator to access this feature.

  1. Log on to your instance as the System Administrator.
  2. Click your name, and select Setup.

    Click your name, and select Setup.

  3. Located on the left hand side, in the App Setup section, click Customize > Call Centers.
  4. Import the Call Center Definition File.
  5. Select the downloaded Call Center Definition file from AT&T Office@Hand, then click Import.

Note: The Call Center Definition file is on a .XML format

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