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Setting up the Connecting message on the Online account
Article #4475

How do I set my connecting message? How do I modify the connecting message settings of another User?

Connecting message is the brief message that asks your caller to hold while the call is being connected to your user extension. Set the recorded message you want callers to hear to let them know the call will now be transferred to your line.

This article discusses how both Administrators and Users can access the connecting message settings on their account. Click your role below to learn more:

Users (Users can view and edit the settings of their own extension)
Administrator (Administrators can view and edit the settings of other Users in the account)


  1. Log in as an Administrator to your Office@Hand Online account.
  2. Click Settings.

    Click Settings.

  3. Click Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.

    Click Screening Greeting and Hold music

  4. Follow Step 5 under Administrators to finish configuring your blocked calls settings.


  1. Log in as an Administrator to your Office@Hand Online account.
  2. Click Users.

    Click Users.

    Note: User list is automatically displayed by default.

    user list is displayed by default.

  3. Click the name of the User whose settings should be changed.

    In this example, the Administrator will be modifying Jane Smith’s connecting message.

    Click name of user whose settings should be changed.

  4. Click Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.

    Click screening gretting and hold music

  5. The Screening, Greeting & Hold Music settings are displayed. The connecting message options are right in the middle part of the screen.

    Screening greeting and hold music settings are displayed.

  6. At this point, you can either enable (set to On) or disable (set to Off) this feature.

    To disable the connecting message, select Off, then click Save.

    Otherwise, select On then go to the next step.

    Enable or disable the feature

  7. Click Set Message to customize the connecting message.

    Click Set Message.

  8. By default, the message will play, “Please hold while I try to connect you.”

    If you prefer to customize the User’s connecting message, select Custom.

    A default message will play. If you want to customize, select Custom.

  9. You can either record your message over the phone or upload your own recording.
    Click your preferred option below:

    Record Over the Phone

    • Record Over the Phone

    This option will allow you to enter your telephone number and the system will try to reach the phone number you keyed in. You will be given instructions on how to record your greeting.

    Record Over the Phone is displayed by default.

    Enter the phone number to be called by the system. Click Call Now.

    Click call now

    Follow the prompts, then click Save.

    • Import

    This option will allow you to upload a customized pre-recorded audio file stored on your computer/device.
    Click Import.

    Click import

    Click Browse, then look for the audio file.

    Note:  It is recommended to use .wav or .mp3 audio file formats:

    • CCITT u-Law 8kHz, 8 bit, mono
    • PCM, 8kHz, 16 bit, and mono

    Click browse

    Click Attach.

    Click attach.

    Preview or re-record your message. Click Save.

    Preview or re-record your message and click Save.

  10. Back to Screening, Greeting & Hold Music, click Save.

    Click Save

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