Private: AT&T OfficeDirect℠

Learn how to take advantage of AT&T OfficeDirect℠, our unique solution that enables you to route calls over qualified AT&T wireless services based on customer-determined routing policies. AT&T OfficeDirect℠ is available for use with a variety of compatible mobile voice devices, and AT&T OfficeDirect℠ can be enabled on the compatible device without the need of a software client, promoting enhanced productivity.

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Setting up sequential ringing using the Mobile Assistant for AT&T OfficeDirect

Note: In order to take advantage of sequential or simultaneous ringing when the user receives calls, a “Ring List” needs to be created via the Mobile Assistant.

  1. From the AT&T Business Direct/Premier home page, enter your Username and Password.
  2. Click/tap Log In.
  3. Optional: Click/tap the checkbox in front of “Remember my username” to allow your browser to remember your username and password.
    Note: If you do not have an AT&T Business Direct/Premier username and password, click on the Register link or click First-time User Tutorial for directions.     

    Steps 1-3

  4. Click/tap the Plans & Features tab.
  5. Click/tap Manage OfficeDirect/OfficeReach.
  6. Under “Quick Links”, click/tap OfficeDirect/Office Reach.

    Steps 4-6

  7. Click/tap Ring Lists.

    Step 7

  8. Enter a name in the box next to “Ring List Name”.
  9. Click/tap on the radio button next to “Sequential Ring” (each number in the list rings in the order specified).
    Note: The radio button defaults to “Simultaneous Ring” (all of the numbers in the list ring at the same time).

    Steps 8-9

  10. Click/tap Add.
  11. Select desired type from the “Number Type” dropdown.
    Note: Mobile – Populates the list automatically with the user’s provisioned mobile number.
               Desk – Populates the list automatically with the user’s provisioned office/desk number.
              Custom – User’s may elect to provide a user-defined 10 digit domestic number.

    Steps 10-11

  12. Click/tap Save.
    Note: With sequential Ring Lists, the mobile number must be the first number in the Ring List.

    Step 12

  13. The Ring List settings save, and the numbers display in the order that the phones ring.

    Step 13