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Setting the geofence alert type on a device using the TeleNav Track web interface

Note: You can assign a geofence to one or more devices for the purpose of setting geofence alerts. A geofence alert can be issued when the selected device enters or exits a geofence area. It can also be issued if the device stays in the geofence area too long or has not entered the geofence by the predefined time.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under “Dashboard Settings”, click Manage Alerts.
  3. Click Geofence Alerts, and then click on the appropriate device.
    Note: If you want to select more than one device to assign a geofence alert, you can use the bulk edit feature for geofence alerts.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  4. Click on a geofence alert from the list below “Geofence Alert:”.
  5. Under “Set Geofence Alert Types”, click More Options.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

  6. Choose one or more of the geofence alert types.
    Note: At least one option must be selected to continue.
  7. Click Save Settings.

    Actions in the photo are explained in the text.