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Setting the Company Phone Number Name or Label
Article #9330

How do I set a nickname on my company phone number?

Account Administrators can now set a name or label for Company Phone Numbers. This benefits large companies with multiple locations and lots of advanced call handling rules that involve selecting from a list of auto-receptionist numbers. When Company Phone Numbers are defined, it will help Users to identify which number to use from those numbers for advanced call handling rules, outbound caller ID, etc.

Note:  This feature is available to all plans with the Enterprise UI enabled.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set the Company Phone Number name or label.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand account as an Administrator.
  2. Click on Phone Numbers under Phone System.

  3. Click on the phone number you want to modify under Company.

    Note: See Office@Hand: Adding and Deleting Phone Numbers on your online account to know how to add phone numbers to your account. See Office@Hand: Company Numbers Overview for more information.

  4. Enter the preferred name or label in the space provided, and then click Save.

    Note:  You can also set the Number Type for the phone. When set, it will control the activity the phone can receive. You can select between Voice and Fax or select both.

    Once set, the name will now be displayed when setting Outbound Caller ID, on Advanced Call Handling rules or changing Phone Numbers.


Outbound Caller ID on User Settings

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Outbound Caller ID on Templates

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Advanced Call Handling Rule: Called Number condition (User Settings)

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Advanced Call Handling Rule: Called Number condition (Auto-Receptionist)

See Office@Hand: [ADMIN] Setting Up Advanced Company Call Handling rules via the Auto-Receptionist to learn more.

Changing assigned Phone Numbers

See Office@Hand: Customizing an Extension’s Direct Number Settings via the Online account for more information.

Any updates made will also be visible in your Office@Hand Desktop and Mobile apps. See the following articles:

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