AT&T Landline Texting

Learn how to add contacts and groups as well as send instant and scheduled text messages.

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Send a text message in the AT&T Landline Texting desktop application for Windows

Note: The message does not have to include text. Images cannot exceed 750 KB.

  1. Right-click the desktop application icon Image of the desktop icon..

    Image of step 1.

  2. Click New Text.

    Image of step 2.

  3. Click in the field labeled “Type a name or phone number”.

    Image of step 3.

  4. Start typing the recipient’s name or mobile phone number.
  5. Select the appropriate contact when it appears in the Contact List.

    Image of steps 4 and 5.

  6. Click in the field labeled “Type a Message” and enter your message.

    Image of step 6.

  7. Click the Send button.

    Image of step 7.