Xora® StreetSmart Workforce™ from AT&T

Learn how to efficiently use your Xora® StreetSmart Workforce™ from AT&T application. Find information on how to collect and report location, timecard, and job information in close to real-time. Access our step-by-step online tutorials, videos and other self-help materials to learn more about what Xora® StreetSmart Workforce™ from AT&T can do.

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Send a location to a user in the Xora StreetSmart web application

  1. Access the website at http://streetsmart.xora.com.
  2. In the box below “Username:”, enter your username.
  3. In the box below “Password:”, enter your password.
  4. In the box below “Company ID:”, enter your company’s ID.
  5. Click Login.

    Image of steps 1 through 5.

  1. Click Locations.

    Image of step 6.

  1. Click the checkbox next to the location(s) you would like to send.
  2. Click Send to Worker.

    Image of step 7.

  1. Click the down arrow Image of the down arrow. to scroll to the desired group/users.

    Image of step 9.

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of the desired user(s).
  2. Click Send.

    Image of steps 10 and 11.

  1. The location sends.