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AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution that provides business, desk phone features on mobile phones. Improve mobile communications with your customers and collaborators by providing your high-definition voice business smartphone users the tools they need when connected to the AT&T VoLTE network.

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About the Receptionist Web Console for AT&T Collaborate

With the AT&T Collaborate™ service’s Receptionist Web Console, front-office receptionists in your organization can accept calls to the Receptionist Web Console main number and transfer calls to any user, including a list of up to 200 monitored Collaborate users.

In Collaborate, administrators assign a user as a receptionist (giving the user permission to access the Receptionist Web Console) and create a list of users for the receptionist to monitor (referred to as contacts). Then in the Receptionist Web Console, the receptionist can answer and transfer calls that ring into the Receptionist Web Console number and monitor contacts.

Because a receptionist opens the Receptionist Web Console from the Collaborate homepage, the receptionist must have AT&T Business Center access.

Open the Receptionist Web Console
Call options
Call Console

Open the Receptionist Web Console

After opening the Receptionist Web Console, receptionists can:

  • Answer and hold calls received on the Receptionist Web Console main number
  • Monitor the line status of selected contacts (determined by an administrator)
  • Transfer calls by clicking a button or dragging calls to contacts under Contacts
  • Place calls directly with speed dial codes, or place calls from contacts and call history
  • Search the company directory
  • Create and manage conference calls with 3 or more contacts
    Note: Conferences with more than 3 participants requires the N-way Calling feature, which is included in the Enhanced Voice Features bundle.

The Receptionist Web Console is available à la carte.

To open the Receptionist Web Console:

  • On the Collaborate homepage, in the Collaborate services overview section, under Programs, click Open Receptionist Web Console. The Receptionist Web Console opens in a new window.


Call options

In the Receptionist Web Console, you can choose call options under Contacts. The following possible call options appear as buttons for contacts that you monitor:

  • Trf–Transfer an incoming call to this contact.
  • Call–Dial a contact’s phone number.
  • Vm–Dial a contact’s voicemail.
  • Email–Send an email to this contact.


Call Console

In the Receptionist Web Console, under Call Console, you can view and manage your calls. The call rings the receptionist’s phone directly and can be answered by answering the phone. You can also manage calls using these buttons:

  • Ans–Answer a call.
  • Park–Park a call directly to an extension. (Note: The Call Park feature is included in the Collaborate Enhanced Voice Features Bundle)
  • Conf–Add a call to a conference call.
  • Trf–Transfer a call to a contact.
  • Hold–Put a call on hold.
  • End–End a call.



In the Receptionist Web Console, under Contacts, each of your directories appears as a separate tab. By default, the Receptionist Web Console shows 3 directories: Favorites, Company, and Speed Dial. Your administrator may create additional directories in Business Center; these will also appear as tabs under Contacts.

Favorites directory

The Favorites directory includes the monitored contacts whose phone status you’re currently monitoring. Your administrator creates and maintains this list in Collaborate. Typically, the following information appears:

  • Status—The contact’s call status. The color or the call status indicators designate availability (green means the line is available, gold means the line is ringing, and red means the line is busy).
  • Last Name—The contact’s last name.
  • First Name—The contact’s first name.
  • Phone—The contact’s phone number.
  • Wireless—The contact’s mobile phone number.
  • Department—The contact’s department.
  • Notes—A section where you can write notes about the contact.

Company directory

The Company directory is an uneditable list of all your organization’s contacts.

Speed Dial directory

The Speed Dial directory tab appears by default. You can manage this list in the Receptionist Web Console.

  1. Open the Receptionist Web Console.
  2. Under Contacts, click the Speed Dial tab.
  3. Click the Edit icon (Edit icon).
  4. In the Edit Speed Dials box, click Add.
  5. Enter a contact phone number and description.
  6. To delete a contact, click Delete.
  7. To return to the Speed Dial tab, click the Close icon (Close icon).

Custom directory

Custom directories are created, configured, and customized by your administrator in Collaborate. A custom directory has the same characteristics as the directory from which it was created.