MobileIron® from AT&T

Learn how to set up your MobileIron® from AT&T application and get answers to your set up questions. Use our convenient self-help resources to proactively secure data even on employee-owned devices.

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Provisioning and installing MobileIron for Android devices

Note: You must complete the registration process before provisioning and installation can begin.

  1. To provision the Mobile@Work app with “device administrator” privileges, tap Activate on the Installation screen.
    Note: For select Samsung devices, access to Samsung’s extended features requires installation of the Samsung DM Agent. For such devices, the installation screen and setup steps are different.

  2. Tap Activate.

  3. One of the following screens displays when the provisioning and installation process is complete.
    1. The default screen:

    2. If the administrator has configured your device to use secure apps: