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Ports and Firewalls

Summary: What are the ports that need to be opened for AT&T Office@Hand devices to work?

In a typical home network, routers are used to allow access to any device that connects to the local network or the Internet.  Routers have built-in security features that prevent unauthorized access to the home network.  A router firewall may cause issues with your VoIP connectivity through AT&T Office@Hand.  

Port triggering is a configuration that you can setup on your router to allow access to specific service ports in a secure manner.  A router acts like the sender and receiver of requests, allowing VIP pass to these service ports that are Triggered.

To allow seamless Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity to your devices or Softphone, the following ports should be triggered on your router.

Device Type  Protocol Source Port Customer Side Destination Port AT&T Office@Hand Side
Deskphone signaling SIP/UDP 5060-5090 5090
Deskphone signaling SIP/TCP 5060 5090
Deskphone media RTP/UDP 16384-16482 20000-39999
Deskphones signaling Secure Voice SIP/TLS/TCP 5060 5096
Deskphones media Secure Voice SRTP/UDP 16384-16482 40000-49999
Deskphone provisioning HTTP/IP/TCP 80, 443 80, 443
Deskphone clock sync NTP/UDP 123 123
Deskphone BLA/Presence SIP/UDP 5060 5099
Deskphone BLA/Presence SIP/TCP 5060 5090
Mobile App signaling SIP/UDP 5060 5090-5091
Mobile App signaling SIP/TCP random 5090-5091
Mobile App media RTP/UDP 4000-5000, 20000-60000 50000-59999
Mobile App signaling Secure Voice SIP/TLS/SRTP random 5097
Mobile App media Secure Voice SRTP/UDP 4000-5000, 20000-60000 60000-64999
Mobile App BLA/Presence SIP/TCP N/A 5091
Mobile App BLA/Presence SIP/UDP N/A 5099
Mobile App data sync with RC backend HTTPS 443 443
Softphone signaling SIP/UDP 5060-5090 5091
Softphone signaling SIP/TCP random 5091
Softphone media RTP/UDP 8000-8200 50000-59999
Softphone signaling Secure Voice SIP/TLS/SRTP random 5097
Softphone media Secure Voice SRTP/UDP 4000-5000, 20000-60000 60000-64999
Softphone BLA/Presence SIP/TCP N/A 5091
Softphone BLA/Presence SIP/UDP N/A 5099
RC Meetings signaling SIP/TCP N/A 8801, 8802
RC Meetings signaling Secure SIP/TLS/TCP N/A 443
RC Meetings media RTP/UDP N/A 8801
RC Meetings media Secure TLS/TCP N/A 443

Setting up port triggering

To learn how to trigger ports on your router, click on the links provided below.  If your router is not listed, refer to your router documentation or contact your router manufacturer’s technical support.

Port Triggering

Setting Up Port Triggering on a Linksys Router
Setting Up Port Triggering for D-Link Routers
Setting Up Port Triggering on a Netgear Router