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Paging a group | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #6125

This article describes the process to page a group and its different use cases.

Paging a group | AT&T Office@Hand

Paging a group diagram

You can find below some sample cases where paging a group is used.


  • Warehouse admin receives a call from the VP of Sales to check the inventory and shipping status
  • He presses the Paging soft­key on his desk phone and enters a pre­established group number to page on both Warehouse Manager’s and Shipping Manager’s desk phones as well as via an overhead speaker at warehouse.


  • Store Manager wants to announce the new items to inform the shoppers at the store.
  • She uses her desk phone by pressing the paging soft­key and group number to broadcast the information via the overhead paging system.


  • An elementary school has an emergency alert that needs to inform all kindergarten teachers to keep students in the classrooms.
  • School Security presses the Paging key and enters a pre­established paging group for all kindergarten classrooms.
  • All kindergarten classrooms receive the broadcasting through their speakers on their desk phones.


  • A hospital recipient receives a call that an ambulance is heading to her hospital.
  • She immediately pages the doctors and nurses at emergency room to get prepared by utilizing her desk phone’s paging button and entering a related group number.

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