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Office@Hand Mobile App Join Now feature Google Calendar Integration  
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How do I integrate my Google calendar on the Office@Hand Mobile App?

The Office@Hand Mobile App can be used to change your extension settings, making and receiving calls.  With the Google calendar integration, you may now join web meetings, conference calls and other events on your Google calendar.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Seamless integration with Google Calendar; automatically syncs up the new and updated events in the app’s calendar list
  • Calendar day view displays multiple events with quick join actions
  • One tap/click to join an Office@Hand meeting or an audio conference call; participant ID’s and access codes entered automatically
  • Interactive reminders with quick actions to join a call or view meetings details
  • Ability to configure calendar source and notifications on Office@Hand Mobile Apps

Setup Join Now

This article will guide you on how to do the following:
I.   Set up your mobile device for Join Now
      Android device
II.    Configure your Calendar Source and Notifications for Join Now
III.    How to use Join Now

Set up your mobile device for Join Now

Android device set up

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Accounts > Add account and then, select Google to sync it with your device.

  2. Follow the instructions on how to sync Google with your device.

    You have now synced your Google account with your Android device.

iOS set up

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  3. Tap Add Account and enter your Google credentials

  4. Toggle the switch ON to sync your Calendars

    You have now synced your Google account with your iOS device.

    Once you have synced your mobile device with your Google account, you can now go ahead and configure your calendar source and notifications for Join Now.

Configure your Calendar Source and Notifications for Join Now

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand Mobile App.

  2. Go to My Profile.

  3. Tap Mobile App Settings.

  4. Tap Join Now.

  5. You will see two (2) options under Join Now:
    I.    Select Calendar
    II.    Event Alert

Select Calendar

  1. Tap Select Calendar.

  2. All Calendars are selected by default. To choose which calendars to sync and give you notification, tap Hide All Calendars.

  3. Select the calendar/s that you wish to sync and get notifications from, and then tap Done.

Event Alert

  1. Tap Event Alert.
  2. Select your preferred time when you want to get the Event Alert and then, tap the Back button.

    You have now configured the notifications and synced your calendar/s with Join Now.

How to use Join Now

Accessing and viewing Join Now Events

Just tap the  button and tap Join Now.

You will see your scheduled meetings or events for the day.

If you have no meetings scheduled for the day, you will see the screen below instead.

QUICK TIP:  Scroll down to refresh your screen in order to see the updates on your schedule for the day.

Tap to Join (for iOS Devices only)

Tap Join to join a meeting from the Join Now screen. This will launch Office@Hand Meetings.

Tap Dial-in to join a meeting via the audio conference bridge.

Smart Notification with Quick Actions

Reply with Message

Tap Reply to quickly send a message to the meeting’s host or participant/s to notify when you will arrive.

QUICK TIP: For more information on Join Now Quick Actions, go to Interactive Notifications on the
Office@Hand Mobile App.

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