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Office@Hand: Calling or Saving Phone Numbers to Personal and Cloud Contacts including (pause), (*) and (#) codes
Article #9859

How do I call or save a phone number to my Personal and Cloud Contacts including (pause), (*) and (#) codes?

Office@Hand Users can now add pauses and/or wait signals to a dialing sequence and save a phone number including, (pause), * (star) and # (pound) to personal and cloud contacts.

These fixes are beneficial in the following sample scenarios:

Scenario 1:

A User hops on a regular conference call with a business where they are forced to enter automated system menu prompts.


Users can save frequently used special character sequences to their cloud or personal contacts to pass through menu prompts efficiently.

Scenario 2:

A Site Manager has regular meetings with colleagues and would like to save the recurring meeting dial-in.


Users can copy, paste and save an entire meeting dial-in, including DTMF sequence, to their cloud contacts without having to dial in manually every time.

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