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Number Porting – Transfer your Toll-Free Number | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #11184

Complete process transferring Toll-free number from one provider to another.

Number Porting – Transfer your Toll-Free Number to AT&T Office@Hand

  1. Prepare these requirements before submitting Toll-Free numbers for number porting/transfer: Number Porting – Requirements to Transfer number | AT&T Office@Hand
  2. Go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity tab. Click Transfer Numbers.
  3. Click Toll-Free Number > Next. On the Confirmation page, click OK to acknowledge the possible monthly recurring charges for additional number.
  4. Transfer Numbers Pre-Check: Do you have the latest bill ready to be uploaded for the number you are transferring?
    Click Yes > Next to proceed with porting .Click NO, it will not let you proceed with porting.
  5. Enter your Toll-Free Number on the box provided then click Next. If you have 2 or more numbers to transfer, separate the number by using a comma or semicolon. The next page will confirm if your number is ready for transfer. Click Next.
  6. Date and Mapping: Click Select Temporary Number to match the number you are transferring with an existing number.
    Skip this step and click Next if you want to add the transferred number as an additional number to your account
  7. Account Confirmation
    Enter all information exactly as your current phone company has it on file. It may require you to contact your current provider.

    1. Type of Account – State if Business or Residential
    2. Name on Account – Enter the name of the person authorized to make changes to the account.
    3. Company Name – Only include if on the bill copy. Enter the company name exactly as it appears on your phone bill from the other provider.
    4. Service Address – Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.
    5. Your Contact Phone Number – Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.
      IMPORTANT: If AT&T Office@Hand transfers a phone number associated with
      DSL/Broadband, your DSL/Broadband service will be disconnected. Please contact your current internet provider and have a new number assigned to the DSL/Broadband.
      Your provider will not release numbers that have Centrex service, remote Call Forward (RCF), Ring Mate, ISDN or distinctive ring on them. Please contact your current provider and have these features removed.
      Note: The information entered should match the latest bill from the phone company from which you are transferring your number. Incorrect information will result in a long processing time of your number port. For corrections, click the Back button. Otherwise, click Next.
  8. Enter your email address to receive all number porting notification emails> Next. If this is left blank, all notification emails will be sent to the System Admin user.
  9. Click Download LOA to download the Letter of Authorization (LOA). Read and Sign the LOA.
  10. Upload signed LOA and a copy of the latest bill > Attach files >click Complete.
    • Click Browse to locate the file in your computer. (File must be .PDF)
    • Click Attach to upload the file.

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