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Caller ID – Nicknames | AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App
Article #9332

AT&T Office@Hand Company Phone Numbers can be assigned with a different name or label. It helps both the Account Administrator and Users to easily locate the number when configuring the advanced call handling rules, outbound Caller ID, or reassigning a direct line. This feature helps you save time spent in going through a long list of numbers in your Office@Hand Online account, Desktop App, and Mobile App.

Caller ID – Nicknames

Note:  This feature is available to all plans with the Enterprise UI enabled.

Only Account Administrators can set the label or name for your Company’s Phone Number. If you are an Administrator, see Setting the Company Phone Number Name or Label to learn how to assign or change the name for your Company’s Phone Number.

When the Administrator assigns or changes a Phone Number’s name or label, it gets synchronized on your Off@Hand phone system. When viewing your Office@Hand Desktop App, you will see updated labels in the following sections:

Drop-down in Dial Pad

Outbound Caller ID Settings

You can access this by going to Settings > Calls > Outgoing > Outbound Caller ID.

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