Private: Associate PLEDGE

Associate PLEDGE from AT&T allows you to enforce mobile device usage policies and help protect your biggest assets, your employees. Learn how to eliminate driving incidents by eliminating the causes of distracted driving.

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Navigating Associate PLEDGE from AT&T on Android devices

Note: The following pertains to the standard configuration of Associate PLEDGE. Many companies will choose to modify it how it looks, functions and even when or if it is visible.  If your device does not appear as follows, please contact your administrator for assistance.

  1. When you reach a particular speed (determined by your corporate policy), the phone automatically locks and audible warning sounds remind you of the dangers of distracted driving.
  2. To utilize your phone while in motion, tap UNLOCK.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text

  3. An Associate PLEDGE warning screen populates, alerting you to a possible breach in corporate policy.
  4. Tapping YES prompts you to select how many minutes of unlocked time you require. This action and all further actions are reported to management while the phone is unlocked.
  5. Tapping NO returns you to the UNLOCK screen, and no incidents are reported to management.
  6. Tapping Emergency opens the dial pad with 911 already populated. Tap “call” to reach emergency services.
  7. Tapping I am not driving takes you to the home screen, and sends a report to management with a note stating that you are not operating a vehicle.
    Note: Only select this option if you are a passenger, or are using public transportation. This option may not be present due to your corporate configuration.

    The actions in the photo are explained in the text