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Mobile App – Customize your Voicemail Greeting | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #12434

This article will guide you on how to record a voicemail greeting on your AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app.

Customizing your Voicemail Greeting using the Mobile App

  1. Launch your AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App.
  2. Tap profile picture.
  3. Tap Extension Settings.
  4. Tap Messages & Notifications.
  5. Select the hours of operation you wish to configure.
    User Hours – is the extension’s available time.
    After Hours – is when the extension is not available.
    NOTE: The User Hours and After Hours tab will not be visible if the Hours of Operations of the extension is set to 24 Hours.
  6. Tap Voicemail Greeting.
    NOTE: Ensure that Take Messages is enabled.
  7. Tap Custom, and then tap Record. You can tap Default anytime you want to switch back to AT&T Office@Hand’s default voicemail greeting.
  8. Enter your phone number or select from one of the forwarding numbers, then tap Call Now. The system will try to reach the phone number you keyed in/ chose. After which, you will be given instructions for recording your custom voicemail greeting.
  9. Tap OK.
  10. Tap Done.

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