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Mobile App – Add New Contact | AT&T Office@Hand
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The AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App lets you add contacts right from the app using your iOS or Android device.

Add a New Contact on the AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App

The AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App lets you view your phone contacts, as well as manage your Personal and Company contacts from your Office@Hand Online Account. The Mobile App also allows you to add new contacts.

Note: Company Contacts can only be added by account Administrators.

  1. Launch the AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App.
  2. Tap Contacts.
  3. Tap the drop-down arrow, then tap Personal Contacts.
  4. Tap the Plus Sign Plus Sign to add a Personal Contact.

    Tap the Plus Sign  to add a Personal Contact.

  5. You will be asked where you want to store your new contact. Select the appropriate phone book. The screenshot below may look different from your phone, depending on the UI and model of the phone that you are using.
    Note: Your AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App is integrated with your Mobile Phone’s Phone book. If you want to add a Contact for your AT&T Office@Hand Online Account, log in to your Office@Hand Online Account, then click on Contacts.
  6. Enter the Contact Details, then tap Save or Done.

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