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Menu options of the Office@Hand Salesforce App
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Once you have successfully installed the AT&T Office@Hand Salesforce App, you will see the icon for the application in the system tray. The App will display options you can use when you right-click it.

Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

Actions in the photo are explained in the text.

To know more about the menu options, read the content below:

• Prompt me to press 1 before dialing out: When making an outgoing call, a call is placed to the phone number set as Current Location first.

NOTE:  If this option is selected then you will have to press “1” before connecting call is made to the destination number else the call will not be completed.

• Start when Windows starts: Selecting this option will make sure that Office@Hand Salesforce App will automatically start when you login to windows without you having to start it every time.

• Edit Current Location: This option is only available if you are logged into your AT&T Office@Hand account through the Salesforce Softphone. Using this option will let you change the number used in making outgoing call.

Not Logged in/ Logged in: This is an indicator displaying whether you are logged into your AT&T Office@Hand account in the Salesforce Softphone or not.

• Set Logging Level: This option is used to set the level of logging. By default, this is set to Low – Errors only but in case you face problems while using the application, you can set it to High – Errors, informational messages and XML so it is easier for your administrator to fix the issues.

About: This option will display the information about the application.

• Exit: Clicking on this menu option will close the application.