AT&T Collaborate

AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution that provides business, desk phone features on mobile phones. Improve mobile communications with your customers and collaborators by providing your high-definition voice business smartphone users the tools they need when connected to the AT&T VoLTE network.

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Manage dial plan policies with AT&T Collaborate

As an administrator for the AT&T CollaborateSM service you can set dial plan policies for the sites that you manage.

Use dial plan policies to set the default length of extensions or to specify a site prefix that uniquely identifies a site.

A new user’s extension is automatically set to the last several digits of the user’s phone number, based on the default extension length. For example, if you specify a 3-digit default extension length, the extension is the last 3 digits of the user’s phone number.

A site prefix is a single digit or a string of digits that users must enter before calling an extension at another site. For example, if a user has the extension 234 and the site prefix is 12, callers from another site can dial 12234 to reach that user. This is helpful because users at different sites may frequently have the same extensions.

Edit dial plan policies

  1. On the Collaborate homepage, click Select a site or Switch sites, and then search for or select a site to manage.
  2. On the left menu, expand Administration, and then click Site tools.
  3. In the Dial plan policies section, click Edit. The Dial plan policies page appears.
  4. Enter a site prefix (optional).
  5. In the Extensions section:
    • From the Default extension length list, select the default extension length (2 to 10 digits).
    • From the Maximum extension length list, select the maximum extension length (2 to 6 digits).
      Note: The minimum extension length is 2.
  6. Click Save.