AT&T Message Archiving

Learn how to set up and use AT&T Message Archiving.

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Logging in to the AT&T Message Archiving portal with a new device

Note: Multifactor Authentication is used when logging in to a new device for the first time. An email containing a code is sent to the email address on file.

  1. From the log in page, click in the “Username” box and enter your username.
  2. Click in the “Password” box and enter your password.
  3. Click Login

    Image of steps 1 through 3.

  4. The authentication code page populates.
  5. Enter the code from the New Device Authentication email in the “Code” textbox.
  6. Click Login.
    Note: Click in the box to the left of “Remember me” if you do not wish to enter a code for this device in the future. 

    Image of steps 4 through 6.

  7. The application is ready for use. 

    Image of step 7.