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Meetings – Logging in | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #9230

How do I log in to Office@Hand Meetings?

Logging in to AT&T Office@Hand Meetings needs to be done so that a User can setup, start or join a Office@Hand Meeting. Log in using your Office@Hand account information (phone number, extension number, and password), or Single Sign-On.

If you would like to log in to your Office@Hand Meetings with your email or Google credentials, you must enable this feature first. See Office@Hand: Login Integrations to know how. If you have enabled it already, click on the link below:

Office@Hand: Logging in to your Meetings with Email and Google​

This article demonstrates how you can log in to Office@Hand Meetings via the following:

Logging in to Office@Hand Meetings for Desktop
Logging in to Office@Hand Meetings for Mobile

Logging in to Office@Hand Meetings for Desktop

  1. Launch Office@Hand Meetings for Desktop.
    QUICK TIP: You can also launch Office@Hand Meetings for Desktop by doing the following:
    •    For Windows: Click the Start button and select AT&T Office@Hand Meetings.
    •    For Mac: Select AT&T Office@Hand Meetings on the dock.
  2. Click Sign In.

  3. Enter your login credentials and then, click Sign In.

    You will be taken to the main screen once you have successfully logged in.

Logging in to Office@Hand Meetings for Mobile

Note:  While the screenshots below were taken from an iOS device, the same features are available on Android devices and the same steps apply to Office@Hand Meetings for Android.

  1. Launch the Office@Hand Meetings for Mobile.
  2. Tap Sign In.

  3. Enter your Office@Hand Main Phone Number, Extension (Optional), and Password then, tap Sign In.

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