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Log in to AT&T Office@Hand App for Mobile
Article #35439

This article provides instructions regarding the various ways on how to log in to the AT&T Office@Hand app for mobile.

You can log in to your Office@Hand app mobile in various ways:

Email or Phone Number
Single Sign-on

Log in via Email or Phone Number

  1. Enter the email address or phone number of your extension.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Enter your password
  4. Tap Sign In.
  • If you logged in your Email, enter your Password, and then tap Sign In.
  • If you logged in your Phone Number, set your location, enter your extension and password, and then tap Sign In.

NOTE: You may need to specify your extension number if you are sharing the same phone number in your account and to avoid confusion from logging in to a different user account.

Log in via Google

  1. Tap Google.
  2. Enter your gmail account, and tap Next.
  3. Enter your password and tap Next.
  4. Tap Allow to grant Office@Hand the necessary permissions.

NOTE: If your Google account has been provisioned with Google G Suite, you may be redirected to the Google G Suite login page. Enter your login credentials, and then tap Sign In.

Log in via Single Sign-on

  1. Tap Single Sign-on.
  2. Enter your email address to confirm your identity, and then tap Submit. You will be redirected to Office@Hand Single Sign-on page.
  3. Enter your username and password, and then tap Sign In.

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