AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Learn how to use your Enhanced Push-to-Talk service to talk almost instantly to other subscribers walkie-talkie style using their supported regular devices and smartphones. Use our self-help resources to learn how to place and receive calls, manage contacts and groups, send and receive alerts, and understand notifications.

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Log in and out of the AT&T Product Service Notification Center for AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Note: Only an authorized administrator should create a login to receive announcements from the Product Service Notification Center.

  1. Go to
    Note: Alternately, you may click LOGIN from the top navigation bar from elsewhere on the site.
  2. Type your registered email address in the “Username” field.
  3. Type your password.
  4. The “Remember Me” box defaults to checked; uncheck if using a public computer or you wish to type your username and password manually at re-entry.
  5. Click Login.

    Step 1-5

  6. To log out at any time, click LOG OUT on the top navigation bar.

    Step 6