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Installing the Office@Hand Salesforce Client Application
Article #4010

Once you have set up the Office@Hand Salesforce App, you need to download the latest version of the Office@Hand Salesforce App on the user’s computers. To download the Office@Hand Salesforce app, click here.


Before installing the Office@Hand Salesforce App on the user’s computer, the following needs to be installed in their computer first:

• Office@Hand Softphone
NOTE:  To learn how to install the Office@Hand Softphone, click here.

Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5.
NOTE:  To download this Windows component, click here.

Tips on Installation

• When installing the Office@Hand Salesforce App, the Office@Hand Softphone should not be running.
• The Office@Hand Salesforce App installer should Run as Administrator on the user’s computer.


Once the Office@Hand Salesforce App has been successfully installed on the user’s computer:

Step 1:
Launch the Office@Hand Softphone.
NOTE:  If the Softphone is not running on the same computer as the Office@Hand Salesforce application, the user will not be notified of any incoming calls.

Step 2:
Launch the Office@Hand Salesforce App.
NOTE:  On Launch, the application will prompt the user to enter Current Location/ Callout phone. Without this, the user will not be able to make outgoing calls.