Learn how to set up your AccessMyLAN application to get remote access through a VPN service for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Use our convenient self-help resources to answer your questions.

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Initial setup of AccessMyLAN for Android

Note: The user must have received the initial e-mail from the Access My LAN administrator. The e-mail will need to be open to complete the setup.

1.       From the e-mail, tap the secure link.


Image of step 1.


2.       Tap Install.


Image of step 2.


3.       Tap Accept.


Image of step 3.


4.       The application has installed successfully when the message displays at the top of the screen.

5.       Tap Open to launch the application.


Image of steps 4 and 6..


6.       Tap Activate.


Image of step 6.


7.       Tap in the Username box to activate the keypad.

8.       Enter your Username provided by your administrator.

9.       Tap in the Password field.

10.   Enter the Password provided by your administrator.

11.   Tap Join.


Image of steps 7 through 11.


12.   Tap OK.


Image of step 12.


13.   Tap Connect.


Image of step 13.


14.   Read the information on the screen then, tap the checkbox next to “I trust this application.”


Image of step 14.


15.   Tap OK.


Image of step 15.


16.   Your VPN connection is connecting to the network.


Image of step 16.


17.   Your VPN connection has now been established to your network.


Image of step 17.