Private: TeleNav Track

Learn how to use TeleNav Track to communicate with your mobile workforce while in the field. Let our convenient self-help tools show you how to keep track of your employees’ time, manage jobs, run reports using the web interface and much more.

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Initial download of the TeleNav Track application on iPhone

  1. From the home screen, tap App Store.

    Image of step 1.

  2. Tap Search

    Image of step 2.

  3. Tap in the search field and begin entering “telenav track” using the keypad.
  4. Tap telenav track when it appears.

    Image of steps 3 and 4.

  5. Tap Get

    Image of step 5.

  6. Tap Install.

    Image of step 6.

  7. Tap in the “password” field and enter your Apple ID password using the keypad.
    Note: If you have not created an Apple ID, you are asked to create one at this time.
  8. Tap OK.

    Image of steps 7 and 8.

  9. A circle appears showing the process of the application installation.

    Image of step 9.

  10. When the application has completed installation, the word “Open” appears.
  11. Tap Open to launch the application and begin setup.

    Image of steps 10 and 11.