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Contacts – Import Personal Contacts List | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #2626

If you have a long list of contacts, you can import that list to your Office@Hand account using a CSV file. This is very convenient because you can add all the contacts from the list at the same time, instead of manually creating a new contact for each person you want to add.

Contacts – Import Personal Contacts

IMPORTANT: To import an existing contact list, export the contact list template file from your extension, then use the exported template (exported_adress_book.csv) when you import your contacts list to your own extension. You will need to use the file that you have exported from your account to list your contacts if you intend to import your contact list to your account. The file that you will import should have the same format and tabs. DO NOT change, add or delete columns from this file.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand account.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.
    Note: If you are logged in as an Administrator, you need to switch to My Extension view to see the Contacts tab. To switch to My Extension
    view, hover your mouse over Admin Portal, and then click My Extension.
  3. Click on Personal.
  4. Click on Import.
  5. Click on the radio button on what you would like to do with duplicate records, and then click Upload to locate the CSV file that contains the Contacts list that you want to import.
    You have 3 options:
    • Overwrite existing record with the new record.
    • Keep the current existing record and add new record imported from import file.
    • Keep the current existing record and ignore record in import file.
  6. Select the file to upload and click Open to attach file.
  7. Click Start Import.
    If you encounter errors when uploading your Contact list, Troubleshooting Errors when Importing your Personal Contacts List.

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