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Files and Web Sharing on Office@Hand Meetings
Article #6519

What are the features of Office@Hand Meetings Web Sharing? How can I share Box or Dropbox files using my Office@Hand Meetings mobile app for iOS?

Web Sharing is an interactive and integrated feature of Office@Hand Meetings. It allows open exchanges, facilitates robust collaborations, and enhances online training sessions.

This article tackles the following topics:

     • Web Sharing Features
         • Allows open exchanges
         • Robust collaboration
         • Enhances training sessions
     • Sharing Dropbox or Box Files from the Office@Meetings mobile app for iOS

Web Sharing Features

The following are the key features of Web Sharing on Office@Hand Meetings:

     • Allows open exchanges

Deliver presentations from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Host and attendees can share their desktop and present documents and files from Box and Dropbox.

     • Robust collaboration

Teams can keep projects moving by collaborating on working documents, reviewing details, making plans and assigning tasks online.

     • Enhances training sessions

You can conduct training sessions from your smartphone. For example, an HR manager can share a health benefits website with remote employees and guide them through registration, answer questions and highlight talking points. This can be done by using the Screen Share feature of your Office@Hand Meetings app.

Sharing Dropbox or Box Files from the Office@Hand Meetings mobile app for iOS

Host and attendees can share their desktop or mobile device screens, present documents, as well as files from cloud storage, such as Box and Dropbox. Everyone is empowered to web share anytime.

NOTE: Sharing Dropbox or Box files using the Office@Hand Meetings mobile app for iOS can only be done during an active meeting.

Step 1:
During an active meeting, tap the screen to open up the menu.
Tap Share, and then tap either Share from Dropbox or Share from Box.

step 1 image

Step 2:
Authorize Dropbox or Box.

     • First time to share files using Dropbox or Box:

If this is your first time to share a file from Dropbox or Box, you will be taken to an authorization screen.
Log in to Dropbox or Box, and then tap Allow on the next screen.

Create an account if you do not have a Dropbox or Box account.

     • Dropbox or Box already authorized:

If you are already logged in, Dropbox or Box will automatically load on the next screen.
If you have logged out from Dropbox or Box, you will be taken to a log in screen.

Step 3:
Select the file you want to share from Dropbox or Box, and then tap Share.

You have successfully shared a Dropbox or Box file via the Office@Hand Meetings mobile app for iOS.

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